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The Shelby County Co-Op Ear Of Corn Trademark

History of the Ear of Corn

Shelby County Co-op was founded back in 1928 for the purpose of providing farmers with their seed, feed, fertilizer, petroleum and propane needs at competitive pricing. In the beginning, we only were able to serve our local Shelby County residents, but now Shelby County Co-op proudly serves both farm and non-farm customers in over 40 counties in Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky.

Our Indiana operations are physically located in Shelbyville, Bloomington, Palmyra, Pekin and Underwood, Indiana. Our Kentucky locations are in Ekron and Shepherdsville. We have multiple bulk tanks located in areas to better serve our customers.

In the mid-80’s, Shelby County Co-op wanted our propane delivery trucks to stand out among the competition. The idea of the Ear of Corn painted on the barrels of our propane trucks was the result. We felt the marketing strategy was such an asset that Shelby County Co-op made it our trademark design that we have today! All of our propane delivery trucks and many of our bulk storage supply tanks are painted with that bright original Ear of Corn trademark.

Remember, no matter where you are in Indiana or Kentucky, if you see an Ear of Corn on a LP delivery truck, you know that Shelby County Co-op is in the area supplying a customer!

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