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Propane gas provides versatility, convenience, cleanliness, efficiency, and savings. Some people are surprised to learn that propane gas heats more than 6 million American homes, and that it's the fuel of choice for millions of homeowners precisely because of that versatility, efficiency, and savings!! Based upon research conducted by the US Department of Energy, on average electricity is 2.5 times more expensive than propane. So, when you do the math and think about the convenience factor, propane makes perfect sense!

Shelby County Co-op provides our customers with options to either purchase or lease one of our propane tanks. The tanks must be placed at least 10 feet from the house (although we recommend 25 feet) and must be within 80 feet of access to a driveway.

The average homeowner uses somewhere between 900 to 1,200 gallons of propane per year, depending upon a number of factors such as the size, insulation, and age of the house, weather conditions, and the number of family members residing in the home. A 500-gallon tank generally provides ample storage for the average three or four bedroom home.
When determining your family's needs, we offer these options for your consideration:
Propane Service Programs Available

Lease a Tank

500 Gallon above ground

There is a minimum annual usage.

Our Service Areas

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Purchase a Tank

250 Gallon
320 Gallon
500 Gallon
1,000 Gallon

Above or underground tanks available.


Automatic Fill Program

As an "Automatic Fill" customer, we will keep your tank full automatically. Our computer system tracks your usage and will forecast when you are about to start running low (20%), and we will schedule you for a delivery.

Call In

If you don't choose the "Automatic Fill" program, it will be your responsibility to watch the tank percentage and your responsibility to call us as soon as the tank's percent reading is at 20%. So, when you place your order at the 20% reading, that gives us about 2 days to get your gas to you.

Guaranteed Max & Budget

Shelby County Co-op allows you to lock in your propane price for the entire heating season with this Program, and eliminates unexpected high gas prices during peak seasons.

Summer Fill Price Program

We also offer a Special Summer Fill Price Program at a time when propane prices are typically their lowest in any 12-month time period.

You can count on your friends here at Shelby County Co-op to provide the kind of service and safety you can depend on every time.

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