Since 1928 the managers and staff at Shelby County Co-op have continued to keep our customers as our top priority. Customer satisfaction has and always will come first in our cooperative. Making sure that our customers are satisfied and successful has proven to keep our co-op successful. Our customers have become accustomed to not only our co-op meeting their needs, but surpassing our customer’s satisfaction. We provide quality products at a competitive price whether your needs would be for residential, agricultural or commercial.

In 1928, twenty farmers of Shelby County founded what is still known as today as Shelby County Co-op. Another generation or two later, we are now owned and governed by more than 600 farmers. In our co-op’s formative years, we served the farmer’s agricultural needs. Today you do not have to be a farmer to buy from Shelby County Co-op and experience the unsurpassed service we are known for. In fact, today just over 50% of our total business is residential or commercial within the surrounding 40 counties in Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky. The earnings are paid as dividends to our local farmers who own Shelby County Co-op.

Products available for your Home, Business, Municipality, or Farm are: Household Goods, Pet Food, Feed, Salt, Garden Products, Yard Products, Crop Protection Products, Crop Production Products, Diesel, Gasoline, Heating Fuel, Lubricants, Propane, and Professional Services.

Our delivery and emergency services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Professionally certified technicians assure you the best buy and assured safety. Call now and be a part of our professional, friendly, dedicated service, and experience the quality products that are competitively priced.

Thank you for your continued business!

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